In Stage 3 the Protein-Only Day must be used if you gain 1kg for more than 2 days. You can perform a Protein-Only Day up to twice a week.

Weight fluctuations are normal in Stage 3 as your body adjusts to an increased amount of food. By the end of the three weeks, you must stabilise your weight while having a normal amount of food each day, otherwise you won’t be able to eat normally without gaining weight. Your body will takesome time to adjust to the increased food intake and a Protein-Only Day will help with the fluctuations.

For the Protein-Only Day you can have 500g of any low-fat protein over the course of the day. You can portion the protein as you wish throughout the day eg 100g of protein, five times a day. Make sure to have enough water to keep hydrated.

Sample Menu for Protein-Only Day:

If you don’t return to your normal weight after a Protein-Only Day, remove 1-2 servings of carbohydrates or fruit from the meal plan and repeat the Protein-Only Day in 3 days.

If you continue to gain weight, then you may be eating too much or are eating forbidden foods without knowing it. Make sure that you weigh your food and check all ingredients on any packaging for hidden flour, additives or sugar.


As the Allowed Foods for Stage 3 are very clean and low allergenic, it is unlikely that you will experience symptoms of food intolerance during this stage. However, if you do, there is more information regarding food intolerance in the Stage 4 Plan.


Do not try to lose weight during the next three weeks. 

In Stage 3, it is ESSENTIAL that you stabilize your new weight within 1kg of the weight you recorded on the day after your last injection. If you lose more than 1kg during Stage 3, you must increase the size of your meals by increasing each food group proportionally or adding an extra snack. If you gain 1kg, you must do a Protein-Only Day.

You will be able to lose weight as soon as you have successfully completed Stage 3. Weight Loss Tips are provided in the Stage 4 Plan.

  • Only choose foods from the Allowed Foods and Serving Sizes list below

  • Avoid all foods on the Forbidden Foods List

  • Find your ideal carb level

  • Do a Protein-Only day if you gain 1kg.

  • Eat when you are hungry and eat just enough to feel satisfied

  • Introduce new foods slowly and monitor your weight

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