As you continue through maintenance, take note of how your food choices effect your mood and general health. If you start to symptoms that were present before you started the program, it may be that you’ve re-introduced too many foods that lack nutrients. A poor diet will ultimately affect your hormones and make you feel and think like you did before the program.

This is how it all happens

Eating food that is low in nutrients, full of additives, packaged or of poor quality causes the bowel to become

overloaded with toxins. The lining of our bowel becomes damaged and the balance  of good and bad bacteria changes. This results in poor absorption of essential nutrients and leakage of toxins through the bowel wall. Subsequently, the liver becomes over-loaded and is unable to detoxify  the excessive toxin load. Toxins then enter the blood stream and are stored in fat cells,

The combined alteration in gut bacteria, gut health and toxin overload results in a cascade of detrimental effects: 

  •  “Bad”genes switch on,“good”genes switch off

  •  Immune function becomes disordered, leading to systemic inflammation 

  •   Fat cells become inflamed making it difficult to release  stored fat

  •  Metabolicandhormonalprocessesdeteriorate

  •  Neurochemicals become imbalanced

  •  The brain becomes inflamed, making it difficult to resist cravings

Many common symptoms can be attributed to a poor diet or nutrient deficiencies. These symptoms include:

  •  Difficulty falling sleep

  •  Difficultystayingasleep(Wakingbetween2amto4am) Fatigue

  •  Poorconcentrationormemory

  •  Irritability

  •  Moodswings,depression,anxiety

  •  Headaches

  •  Bloating,gas,cramps

  •  Fluidretention

  •  Hair loss

  •  Weightgain,weightloss

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, please see you doctor to exclude any serious medical


Many patients have found an improvement in many symptoms while taking the DS supplements. These supplements can help increase energy, improve sleep, reduce cravings and stabilize mood. In capsule form, these supplements can be quite costly for long-term use, however Dr Agnes has developed a Bowel Formula Nutrient Formula that contain all the essential nutrients and amino acids as contained in the DS supplements with the addition of antioxidants and nutrients essential for liver detoxification reactions. The formula is compounded by ACP (that same pharmacy that supplies the DS supplements). It comes in a powder form and you only need one teaspoon a day of each to fulfill your nutrient needs. You can order these formulas using the Supplement Order Form (at the end of this document).

In addition, high quality probiotics and fish oil may be used for 2 to 3 months on completion of the program.

Combined, these supplements will help restore gut bacteria, heal the bowel, reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar levels and neurochemistry and therefore may prevent cravings and weight regain.

If Dr Agnes has provided additional recommendations for your medical conditions or you would like to order supplements, you can order certain supplements through BioAesthetics using the Supplement Order Form at the end of this section. The remaining supplements can be ordered directly from Bioceuticals via our registered link (found on the last page of this document).


This supplement range can be purchased on-line at a cheaper cost with delivery directly to your home.

Please go to the website and complete the Patient Registration form (link below). The registration form already contains the reference code C67404 that will allow you to submit the form - please do not remove it from the form as it will make it void.


Once the form has been submitted, you will be able to purchase products and supplements directly through the Bioceuticals website. All orders are delivered to your home or nominated address. The website also contains supporting information for each supplement.


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