Here are the simple rules to follow for long-term health and weight maintenance:

  • Use the Meal Plan, Food List and Serving Limits to guide you towards your ideal maintenance diet.

  • Choose the healthiest foods possible MOST of the time

  • Eat when you are hungry and eat just enough to feel satisfied.

  • Establish a consistently healthy eating pattern that you can continue over weekends, holidays and

    special events.

  • Add an occasional free meal when you feel ready

  • Always make sure your body returns to your new weight for a good amount of time before having

    another free meal.

  • Do a Protein-Only Day if you gain 1kg and if it doesn’t come off within 3 days of normal eating.

    Follow guidelines for “Weight Loss” contained within this plan.


Most importantly,
listen to your body and focus on health from here on

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